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Our Story

MyPretendPlace.com sprouted when a bunch of us, all friends who grew up loving pretend-play in our youth, realized how important a part of childhood it is. We’ve all made dress-up and pretend-play a major part of our own kids' upbringing and wanted to spread the joy and fun it can bring to families everywhere. With all the tech toys around we believe children (and parents!) are missing out on the experiences we know are so valuable from our childhood. We decided to bring forth a company that revives pretend play at its best.

Who are we? Well, most of us have past experience in the costume and party industries, but we also offer experience in pediatric nursing and education. More importantly, we are all friends and parents, and with us, family comes first.

Our vision is to create a great destination with fun ideas for crafting and other engaging activities to support dress-up and pretend-play. At the same time, we know not everyone has time for crafting on a regular basis, so we also provide high quality and long-lasting product themed towards children’s pretend play adventures. We created our on-line Playroom with the intent to provide great ideas for creating your own pretend-play gear. But we know there are many of you out there doing the same things with your kids and we hope you’ll share your ideas within our Playroom community.

We're well aware of the plethora of costumes available in the market for children. We've done the hard work of vetting what's out there and decided to only carry good quality, non-itchy, washable product. Pretend-play and dress-up is for every day of the year, not just one, and we want your kids to have as much fun as they can dream up! Our purchasable crafts, inspiring books and dress-up accessories have to pass the same quality standards as our selection of costumes and provide additional opportunities to inspire reasons to imagine.