Princess Julia and the Dragon: Pretend Play Story
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Princess Julia and the Dragon: Pretend Play Story

I've found that reading a story (or making one up like I did here) is great inspiration to get the kids imaginations jump started. Plant the seed of adventure and then let them go. It"s great fun to watch and it can be even more fun if you have a little time to join in. Rawr!

Princess Julia and the Dragon

Princesses Jaden and Julia, and Sir Robert were hunting in the woods near the castle.

"I would like to shoot a turkey to bring home for supper Robert" says Princess Jaden.  

Learn how to make the bow and arrow.

"I see something moving, there, in the cave" says Robert. Before they realize what is happening a giant dragon jumps out of the cave and roars at the prince and princess.

The Knight and Princesses run back to the castle as quickly as they can to escape the dragon. "It was so big" said Sir Robert. "And it was so scary" said Princess Jaden. "We can never leave the castle again."

Without anyone realizing, Princess Julia sneaks out of the castle to approach the scary Dragon.

Julia has a mini cup of tea that she offers the scary dragon. At first the dragon is confused, but realizes the little Princess wants to be her friend. 

Learn how to make the Dragon Mask.

Princess Julia calls to her friends who come shouting "hurray for Princess Julia" as they run from the castle to the dragon.

Learn how to make the Princess Teacups.

Michelle McCafferty

Author: Michelle McCafferty

Hi, I’m Michelle. I am the proud mommy of two smart, playful, imaginative little girls. I am a Registered Nurse and understand the importance of play in a child’s life. Pretend play is the number one activity in our house.

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