Firefighter: Pretend Play Story
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Firefighter: Pretend Play Story

My son came home from school this week with all sorts of facts about firefighters. For example, it takes them less than 30 seconds to get ready to go out on a call. Apparently, a local fire department visited his classroom and made quite an impression, because all he wanted to do this weekend was play fireman, so we did!

First, we set up his bedroom like he was sleeping in the firehouse, with his gear all ready in case he got an emergency call.

Once the call came through, I timed him to see how long it took him to get dressed in his firefighter costume, and by the third time, he was under 30 seconds like the pros!

He used a walkie talkie juice box craft we'd made in the past to receive information about the emergency. A neighbor's cat was stuck way up high in a tree "down the block" so he asked for the address and told him he was on his way, over!

His younger brother's riding vehicle just happened to be within reach, so it quickly became his firetruck and off he set down the hallway.

I had time to place a stuffed cat in the tree by our fireplace so he'd actually have some saving to do, but other than that, it was all his imagination.

He told me that firemen snack a lot (I'm not sure if they told him this, or if he made it up), but I got out some fun, healthy things for him to eat at the end of his harrowing adventure.

Karen Van Ert

Author: Karen Van Ert

I’m a mom of two young, creative boys and I have so much fun joining in (and sometimes instigating) pretend play adventures with them. Being boys, we do a lot of ninja training, dinosaur hunting, and monster tracking.

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