Moon Phase Cookies: Recipe
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Moon Phase Cookies: Recipe

When complete, ask kids to identify the different phases of the moon.

Level Of Difficulty: EasyMediumDifficult

Time To Prepare: Under 1 Hour

Time Until Ready: Under 1 Hour

Recommended Age: 3 to 8 years

What you need:

  • Black and White Sandwich cookies
  • Paper plate
  • Yellow marker
  • Black felt tip marker
  • Cupcake with Blue frosting
  • Small knife

Step 1

Use a cookie to outline 8 circles on the plate. Leave enough room on the edge of the plate to write the moon phase.

Step 2

Write the name of a moon phase in front of each circle.

Use yellow maker/highlighter to color one edge of the plate. Label this “sun”. Twist cookies apart carefully. The more intact the filling is on one side of the cookie, the easier it is to shape each moon phase.

Step 3

Once each phase has been carved, apply a small amount of frosting to the bottom of each cookie before placing it on the plate. This will help to “glue” each cookie in place. Place each cookie into appropriately labeled circle. Frost the cupcake if needed. Place cupcake in center of plate.

Step 4

When complete, ask kids to identify the different phases of the moon.

Author: Ranea Haight

I found my belief in the importance of pretend play through two paths. First, during my childrens’ formative years, I developed an appreciation for crafting, games and dress-up as I saw my kids confidence grow as they succeeded on their imaginary adventures.

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