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Astronaut Pretend Play

Blast Off! Get ready for all sorts of fun space adventures for your little astronauts. We have all the “right stuff” to make your little astronauts adventures fun. Whether they play with the rocket ship craft while wearing the paper mache craft helmet, or ride in the inflate able shuttle, you can be sure they will off exploring all the corners of space, while still in plain sight of mommy ground control.

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Fairy Pretend Play

Your “wee folk” already love playing fairies, and why not! Running around outside or around the house with their fairy wings flapping and their pretty fairy head wreaths on it’s easy for them to imagine searching the woods for their woodland friends. They will have endless hours of fun while looking for the wisps and sprites while avoiding the trolls, goblins, and gnomes.

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Firefighter Pretend Play

Who doesn’t admire a Firefighter? Brave, courageous, and fearless. Always where the action is. Racing off on another risky undertaking to rescue a stranger. Whether it’s saving a cat stuck in a tree or blasting a blazing fire, kids will love this Pretend Play Collection!

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Ninja Pretend Play

The mysterious undercover world of the Ninja opens the imagination to endless hours of pretend play. Your cunning warrior, will lose themselves in a world of espionage. When a job needs to be done unobserved, this stealthy group can do it! Help your Ninja step into fun with great crafts, activities, and recipes. Watch the shadows, you never know who may be lurking there!

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Pirate Pretend Play

Avast, the seas be calling ye! Cap’n says there be treasure under Dead Man’s Rock. Climb aboard Buccaneer’s Barnacle and join the crew. A huge bounty of fun awaits every little Pirate!

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Princess Pretend Play

These days what little girl does not imagine being a princess? And why not!! Dressing up in pretty clothes, having someone else clean up your messy room (that one they need to imagine right!), while enjoying time at the princess ball or princess tea party. Whether she imagines being a traditional princess, or a more popular movie character princess, we have a great choice of product and crafts throughout our realm for her to enjoy.

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Safari Pretend Play

Hats on, binoculars up, cameras ready! Traveling in the back of an open jeep looking for big game is the way to start an exciting safari adventure. When hunger interrupts the fun, serve your explorers safari themed snacks. They’re sure to tame the Lion in your little kitten!

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Superhero Pretend Play

An evil super villain is threatening the good citizens of your street. It will take extraordinary super powers to ensure the safety of the neighborhood. Do you know a brave masked defender who can help? Just a click away, find the capes, masks, shields, and more that will be needed to successfully complete this mission!!

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